Top 5 Most Expensive Hobbies

Ever wondered what kind of hobbies the high-end people have? Well, they surely do not simply read a book or do gardening. The cost of some hobbies are unimaginable so here are some of the most expensive hobbies practiced in the world.

  • Art collecting
    Well, this isn’t just art by amateur artists. We are talking about Picasso or Da Vinci. Such paintings will be auctioned for extremely high prices that could go up to even 300 million dollars. Crazy, isn’t it? These hobbies are more like an obsession than passion. High-end people buy such paintings as competition with their rivals. If you have wondered if the classic painting auction scenes in movies where people bid intensely, well yes they actually happen.
  • Vintage vehicle collecting
    The vehicle a person drives could say a lot about his wealth, so imagine if he is a vintage vehicle collector, how much wealth he should have. The irony of vintage bikes and car collecting is that they don’t even drive them. So technically, they simply purchase the car, spend so much on its maintenance and let it sit in some gallery where no one ever sees them. To overcome this problem, they came up with car shows and magazines where the proud owners could showcase their collections.  If you are interested about flat bar road bike you can visit this website .
  • Yacht racing
    While you are racing with your racing bike in the backyard, the other end of the world is racing in yachts across the ocean. Yachts are usually known to be a sign of wealth, since not many people could afford them. However, if they are willing to race their yachts with the possibility of crashing, then they should be extremely rich. It usually takes about eight to ten million dollars without labour and maintenance costs, to only build the yacht and bring them to racing condition.
  • Exotic pets
    In Middle Eastern countries, such as Dubai where the billionaires reside, this hobby is very popular. Pet cheetahs, lions, cobras and even octopus are considered to be exotic. Who knew an octopus would become so valuable? With pets come maintenance costs. You need to purchase cages and hire people to take care of the pets. It’s a lot of work.
  • Skydiving
    Skydiving has become a dream of many however, only a few can fulfil that dream. It will cost around 150 to 200 dollars per minute. However, the experience is like no other and hence it is truly worth it. The rush of adrenaline through your veins as you jump out of the plane cannot be explained in words. You need to time your jumps since each second extra will be charged.